Barriers to creativity project

For the last couple of weeks I have been working on a personal project, entitled Barriers to Creativity. It came about from my reading of the book “Art is a Way of Knowing” by Pat. B. Allen. In an early chapter she discusses our inner critics, and suggests making the attempt to get in touch with them in some artistic way. Since my art form is photography, I decided to take a crack at it by enlisting some friends to model for me some of their barriers to creativity. I photographed them, and have been working to hand color the pictures.

The project has taught me a lot – not only about my own barriers to creativity, which are many, but about the use of color, and the use of Paintshop. My skills at computer coloring have improved considerably since the project began.

I hope in the near future to put up the actual finished pieces here, but for now I have put up some of the original photos.

2 thoughts on “Barriers to creativity project”

  1. Nope. Just me fooling around with tinting – though I tried to make the more dynamic photos hotter colors, and the more static photos cooler colors.


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