It’s been awhile

Since my last post I have been through the joys and sorrows of a major move from Seattle, WA to Eureka CA due to my wife changing jobs.  It was certainly an interesting experience, and years from now I will no doubt be able to laugh at the memory of Angel and Jesus the movers damaging or scarring virtually every piece of furniture we own while happily exclaiming “no liability”!

But that’s still years in the future.  At the moment I still don’t find it funny.

One wonderful thing about the  move – it puts me in an absolutely fantastic area to do photography.  The North Coast of California is a beautiful place with lots of places to shoot.  It has ocean, it has forest, it has mountains, it has scenic towns and old mills and shorebirds.  Lots of great opportunities here, which I look forward to showcasing in the future.

Being a film photographer, and worse a Black & White film photographer (lets leave aside for the moment my love for Scala) presents a bit of a challenge here, as there don’t seem to be any high quality professional development labs here.  The places I have found cater primarily to the casual shooter.  At the moment my solution is to ship my film off to Moon Photo in Seattle to have it developed.  Eventually I may get my own darkroom set-up, but that’s a ways in the future.

For now, I’m in a new area, and am starting to explore all the possibilities.

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