Lump (24) – Merry-Go-Round

The cancer requires treatment.  The treatment requires drugs.  The drugs make her nauseous and tired.  Being nauseous and tired inhibit her ability to get exercise.  Lack of exercise brings about blood clots.  Blood clots require more medication.  The medication thins her blood.  Her thinner blood won’t clot well.

The cancer requires treatment.  The treatment requires drugs.   The drugs lower her body’s immune system.  Her lowered immune system leads to an abscess.  The abscess requires antibiotics and strengthening her immune system.  In order to strengthen her immune system the cancer treatments must be stretched out.

The cancer requires treatment.  The treatment requires drugs.  The drugs cost money.  The money needs to come from insurance.  Medi-Cal insurance takes over a month.  Nobody at the pharmacy knows how to deal with Medi-Cal insurance.  Dealing with this takes time and effort every single time she needs a prescription filled.


The cancer requires treatment.  Part of the treatment is support.  Our friends give us support.  That makes the treatment easier.  That makes her attitude better.  Easier treatment and positive attitude influence good outcomes.

The cancer requires treatment.  Part of that treatment causes hair loss.  Hair loss causes increased risk of infection of the scalp.  Protection requires scarves or other head coverings.  Friends send us dozens of scarves and other head coverings.  These protect the scalp, and also show support.  Shows of support also increase morale.  Protecting the scalp leads to a decrease in the possibility of complications.  Reducing the chance of complications and supporting good morale influence good outcomes.

The cancer requires treatment.  Part of the treatment is socializing.  Socializing requires special considerations and some flexibility by our friends.  Our friends are willing to be flexible and take her special needs into account.  Socializing gets her out of the house more.  Getting out of the house more improves morale and gives exercise.  Improved morale and exercise .  Morale and exercise influence good outcomes.

Imagine two merry-go-rounds.  Put them right next to one another, close enough that you can step from one to another.  One spins clockwise, one spins counterclockwise.  One is bright and happy, with friendly animals painted in bright, primary colors.  It has cheery music and softly flashing lights.  It looks like it would be fun to ride.  The other is dark and sinister, with oddly carved animals painted in a rather sinister manner, with the paint flaking off and splinters apparent.  The music comes and goes, and seems to be unsettling in a vague and unpredictable way.  The lights hurt the eyes.  It looks unsafe and scary and really you wouldn’t want anyone you care even the least bit about to ride it.

You have to jump back and forth between the two.

That’s cancer in the family.

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