Warhammer 40k – Eldar

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My friend Paul is going to be visiting us for a couple of weeks (on and off – he has business in the Bay Area).  Paul is an old Warhammer 40k buddy of mine, and I hope to get in a game with him.  Since he no longer has any of his 40k figures (I bought them all from him a long time ago) I have been making up a 1,500 pt. army for him to play against either myself as Chaos Space Marines or Sophie’s Orks.

Back when Paul and I played 40k it was primarily an infantry game – there were few vehicles available.  What I have in terms of figures for his Eldar amounts to what today is called a horde army – lots and lots of infantry in all sorts of roles.  Here’s what I have for his 1,500 pt. army so far.


Image result for Eldar AvatarAvatar of Khaine 155 pts

What it’s for:  killing things and making troops fearless.


Image result for Eldar HarlequinsHarlequin Troupe (10 models) – 268 pts

  • upgrade 7 with Harlequin’s Kiss
  • Upgrade 2 with Fusion pistols
  • Upgrade 1 to Troupe Master
  • Upgrade 1 to Death Jester
  • Upgrade 1 to Shadow Seer

Harlequin Troupe (10 models) – 238 pts

  • Upgrade 8 with Harlequin’s kiss
  • Upgrade 2 with fusion pistols
  • Upgrade 1 to Shadow Seer

What they’re for:  main striking force of the army.  Taking the pain to the opponent.


DImage result for Dire Avengersire Avengers (10 models) – 177 pts

  • Upgrade 1 to Exarch
  • Give Exarch Power Weapon and Shimmershield
  • Exarch powers – Defend and Bladestorm

What they’re for:  taking and holding a victory objective.  Shooting infantry.

Image result for Eldar RangersRangers (10 models) – 240 pts

  • Upgrade to Pathfinders

Taking and holding a victory objective.  Shooting the living hell out of anything but heavy vehicles.

Image result for Eldar GuardiansGuardian Squad (20 models)- 230 pts

  • Heavy Weapon platform with Bright Lance
  • Add Warlock
  • Upgrade Witchblade to Singing Spear
  • Warlock Power – Conceal

Taking and holding a victory objective.  Supporting the Dire Avengers and/or Rangers.  Tank-killing weapons team.

Fast Attack

Image result for Swooping HawksSwooping Hawk Squad (7 models) – 147 pts

  • Upgrade 1 to Exarch
  • Exarch has sunrifle
  • Exarch power:  Skyleap

Strategic reserve and Exarch delivery service.

How I expect the army will work

Rangers grab a victory objective through Infiltration.  Dire Avengers advance on and take a victory objective.  Guardians support the Rangers/Dire Avengers depending on who is getting beaten up the most.

Avatar of Khaine and Harlequins go after the enemy main forces/vehicles/leaders.

Swooping Hawks in reserve shore up weak spots and act as support.

At 68 models, its a bit bulkier than I had hoped for and I have some concern that Paul might have a bit of trouble managing it all, so I am typing up a reference sheet for him.

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