RPG-a-Day: Day 6

You can game every day for a week.  What do you do?

I game every day for a week.

Don’t be a smartass.


A few assumptions:

  1. Anyone else I want can game in any or all of the games that I want
  2. Anyone else that I want is willing to GM any game I want them to
  3. For games that I run, they are all prepared prior to the week commencing and I have only to sit down at the table and run

I have also included board/card/minis games to break up the day so we aren’t playing an RPG all day.

Image result for Justice Inc rpgSUNDAY:

GM:  S.W.
System:  Justice Inc.
Roleplaying Game:  The old Justice Inc. game.  I get to play Wombat Dundee.  This is my big nostalgia game for the week.  I loved my character in that game, I loved the plots, and I loved S.W. as GM.  The game actually came to a satisfying conclusion after a good long run, but I still miss it.
Board/Card/Minis Game:  Zeppelin Attack

Image result for through the breach rpgMONDAY:

GM:  Mark W.
System: Savage Worlds
Roleplaying Game:  Malifaux
I actually did up a conversion of the Malifaux roleplaying game Through the Breach for Savage Worlds.  But like all GMs who design such things I would like to try actually playing it.  Mark is great with Savage Worlds, and I think he would enjoy running a weird steampunk magic setting and would be good at it.

Board/Card/Minis Game: Malifaux minis game

Image result for dungeon world rpgTUESDAY:

GM:  Sophie L.
System:  Dungeon World
Roleplaying Game:  Land of 10,000 Gods (because I would really like to try it as a player sometime).  Sophie is a great GM, and does very well with Powered by the Apocalypse systems.  I think it would be really entertaining to play one of the chartacters I have written up.

Board/Card/Minis Game:  Warhammer 40,000 with Sophie.  (I acknowledge that this will make for a long and trying day for Sophie, but again – it’s my fantasy, so I am sure that fantasy Sophie can handle it!)

Image result for The Red Star RPGFWEDNESDAY:

GM: me
System: Heroquest
Roleplaying Game:  Red Star.  I would really love an opportunity to run this game again.  It was a lot of fun.  There was a whole lot of awesome heroism in it, and it was just generally cool and fun to run.
Board/Card/Minis Game:  None.  I would just run Red Star until everyone dropped.

TImage result for Blades in the DarkHURSDAY

GM: Sean N.
System:  Blades in the Dark
Roleplaying Game:  Blades in the Dark.  I imagine he’s kind of sick of it, having just gotten it published, but it’s my list so he’ll have to do what I want!  Blades in the Dark looks like a lot of fun, and I really want to try it.
Board/Card/Minis Game:  Battlestar Galactica

FImage result for Castle FalkensteinRIDAY

GM:  James G.
System: Castle Falkenstein
Roleplaying Game:  Castle Falkenstein.  I would love a FTF game with James running Castle F. for a mixed group of friends from Seattle and friends from the Bay Area.  It would be a large group though.

Board/Card/Minis Game:  Republic of Rome/Carthage (we all know that M.P. would win, but it would still be fun, and could accommodate a large group).

Image result for Blue Rose rpgSATURDAY

GM:  Chris P./Nicole L.
System:  Blue Rose
Roleplaying Game:  Blue Rose.  I honestly can’t remember whether or not I have actually met Chris or Nicole in person.  But I’ve been following them and Green Ronin for awhile now and they seem like nice folks, and who better to run Blue Rose for me than them?

Board/Card/Minis Game:  Gloomhaven
Board/Card/Minis Game:

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