“-Isms” and Me (Part IV)

In 1966 when we moved there, the town of Oroville was in the final stages of an employment boom centered around the construction of Oroville Dam, the Edward Hyatt power plant, and the beginning of the California State Water Project.  Proposed in the 1930’s, developed and financed in the 1940’s, with construction beginning in the […]

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“-Isms and Me” (Part III)

I was born in 1961 in San Francisco, California, to Max and Sibyl Metheny.  Max was either a beat poet who clerked, or a clerk who did beat poetry depending on how you prioritized profession and passion.  Sibyl was a social worker who, at the moment of my birth, transformed into a stay-at-home mother. It […]

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Warhammer 40k – Eldar

My friend Paul is going to be visiting us for a couple of weeks (on and off – he has business in the Bay Area).  Paul is an old Warhammer 40k buddy of mine, and I hope to get in a game with him.  Since he no longer has any of his 40k figures (I […]

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