What’s Next for Lump?

We are now at the point where the pace of treatment and the pace of developments for Lump has slowed considerably.  Barring some sort of catastrophe I will be writing Lump posts occasionally, but not at anything like the rate that things have been written in the past.

For the new year I am hoping to finish up “-isms and Me” with the most important entry – the one about my experiences, and then make it an occasional series based on all the shit that I anticipate going down because of the incoming administration.  I also want to move the “Jesus Can’t Have Nice Things” stuff that I currently use “Two She-Bears” for over to this site as a regular feature.  I am guessing there is enough material to make it weekly, but you never know.

For all of those who have followed my journey through Lump so far, thank you.  For those of you who haven’t, why on earth are you reading this?

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